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10 Fitness Tips

In order to succeed in the world of fitness, you need to have a baseline of rules to follow when trying to reach your goals. In order to see maximal results on your journey to achieve your dream body, here’s a general outline to do so:

1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing if you are not exercising in leotards and tights.

2. Wear shoes that are comfortable to you, preferably sneakers.

3. Don’t eat a heavy meal for at least two hours before you exercise.

4. Exercise at least 3 times a week at a time that suits you best.

5. If you are not feeling well, conserve your energy for getting better. Leave your exercise program until you have recovered.

6. Always STOP if anything hurts – listen to your body.

7. Never strain. You will cause injury to your body if you push it too hard and over-achieve.

8. The key to total fitness is to build up gradually – find your own level to begin with. As you improve, increase the intensity/volume for each exercise.

9. If you are in any doubt as the whether you should be attempting these exercises, consult your doctor – particularly if you suffer from a heart condition, a serious weight problem, varicose veins or an asthmatic illness.

10. These exercises can be done to a strong rhythm, so choose a record that you will enjoy working out to. If necessary half-time your exercises to the music beat – slow exercises not only minimize the risk of incorrect form but take more effort to sustain!