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Network Marketing Tips – Why You Must Pay Attention to Your Downline to Succeed in Network Marketing

Of all the network marketing tips I give, the one that astounds me that I still have to give often is about taking care of your downline.

Why more people don’t realize how important their downline is, is beyond me.

So many people focus on bringing new people in, that they don’t focus on the fact that they’ve spent all the time to bring in the people that they’ve brought into the business…that if they’d just take some time to teach the downline to succeed, they’d make a ton more money.

And best yet, they’d make a ton of passive residual income.

Why Focusing On Your Downline Is One of the Most Important Network Marketing Tips You Can Hear

Your downline is your bread and butter.

Most people ignore them like the plague unfortunately, which works against you as far as the way the industry is perceived, but works for you as far as the way your prospects see you (especially those who are former network marketers.)

You see, a lot of people want to always try to buck the system. They want to reinvent the wheel, thinking that they can get by just by constantly having new people come into their downline, even if most of those people do nothing the law of averages says that at least SOME will. In theory that’s correct, but at the same time it’s the long way around…especially when you’ve found your business in a rut.

What happens if you’re ranking on the first page for a term that’s getting you a ton of leads, and then suddenly Google changes its algorithm drastically and your site gets pulled back to the 30th page?

Then what? Your new leads are running dry, and now you’ve got a downline where most of the people aren’t doing anything, and in fact most of them hate you because you were never there for them like you were supposed to be? Now what?

Well, if you would have treated your downline like gold from the beginning, you would have never had to worry about this in the first place.

In fact you could have been doing amazingly well, with even just 1/3 of the number of leads that you were getting, simply because you were taking your time and training your downline like you were supposed to.

Trying to buck the network marketing system is futile, because the industry is set up for leverage. Your downline is the ultimate leverage. But it only works correctly if you use the system correctly.

Basically the system of network marketing is in fact set up so that you get rewarded when you help people. When you show people how to succeed with their business, you get a commission when they do what you’ve shown them. Over and over again, if you teach them correctly. And then for teaching them, to teach their downline, you get rewarded at that level too, and on down depending on your network marketing company. So why would you ignore that fact?

For some reason not many people want to explain this to their downline. Not many people want to take the time to create a business the way that it’s meant to be created in this industry. But this is one of the network marketing tips that you don’t want to ignore, especially if your business is in a rut now…but do it before it gets into a rut.