Savvy Home Buying Tactics; Financing Exposed from the Inside by Thomas L. Dussault.

First time or move-up home buyers and investors will find Thomas Dussault’s new book a timely, worth while resource when considering the right mortgage option. The author brings a hefty twenty-five years of financial and investment management experience to the reader, but his writing style reflects a long history of boiling down mortgages to the average home buyer. Important information is bolded and chapters include several short essays on related topics, boxed tips, tables, related resources and a summary. The summaries might portray a textbook, but when you’re new to very specific and new information, making sure you have the right take-away will save you time and money when managing your mortgage experience.Mr. Dussault’s chapter on refinancing highlights savvy points to take into consideration regarding this recent hot topic. He does a thorough job illustrating with easy-to-read text and shaded boxes highlighting different interest rate scenarios that you could be presented with by a zealous mortgage loan professional. The tables force the reader to determine if a refinance is in their best financial interest, and in most cases if you’ve held your mortgage for at least five years, the long-term cost of refinancing typically doesn’t warrant the lower interest rate offered unless you’re dropping your interest rate substantially. New home buyers, investors, and those seriously considering refinancing, should study this nuts and bolts book on important residential mortgage and financing options.Savvy Home Buying Tactics; Financing Exposed from the Inside by Thomas L. Dussault. Published by Thomson/ South-Western June 2006.
ISBN:0324378637, Paperback, Non-Fiction, Business 155 PagesRead more book reviews by Mark Nash including: Elizabeth: By J. Randy Taraborrelli, The Year of Magical Thinking – By Joan Didion, The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and Mississippi Gulf Coast- By Douglas Brinkley, The Importance of Being Barbra by Tom Santopietro, Being Martha: The Inside Story of Martha Stewart and Her Amazing Life – By Lloyd Allen, Real Estate Brokerage: A Guide to Success, By Dan Hamilton, Book Review: Refi-Bust: Mortgage Brokers Gone Wild! by David Lawrence, Savvy Home Buying Tactics; Financing Exposed from the Inside by Thomas L. Dussault, House About It by Sherri Koones, and Every Landlords Guide to Finding Great Tenants by Janet Portman.© Copyright 2006 Mark Nash

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